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“I have had the pleasure of being the first to proudly wear the Der Dau Dressage boot. That was nearly 10 years ago and I have worn nothing but Der Dau since. I love the perfect fit and having the freedom to design any combination of leather, color or bling! Der Dau is cutting edge for the latest in comfort and design. They excel in workmanship, quality of leather and durability of the boot. Customer service has always been first class and friendly. The customer at Der Dau always comes first! The lineup of different color combinations of Der Dau boots in my tack room is testament to my belief and trust in their beautiful boots! My thanks and appreciation goes out to such a well-made, dependable, beautiful and stylish boot!”

USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal Winner.



“I must say that from the moment you put these boots on they fit like a glove and they feel like you are walking on air. I sometimes ride 12 horses continuously and at the end of the day my Der Dau’s still feel as cool and comfortable as when I put them on. Additionally, Joseph Der, Jr. never assumes – he listens and fixes anything you request. I love my Dream Boots!”

Hunter, Jumper and Equitation Champion at the most prestigious shows in the United States.



“The Dream Boot is fantastic! I think it is really comfortable to wear and I love the memory foam! The boots are just like wearing my sneakers, which are my favorite shoes. The leather is nice and soft, yet durable. They really mold to your leg and the break in time is quick. It is not stiff like other boots I have had in the past. Der Dau’s customer service is great! They are very prompt with getting the boots back to you. They are very friendly and are always there to help out. They are at all of the horse shows, which makes it easy if something isn’t right. You can always go to their booth and they will fix things right away, which makes it nice when you have to get back in the ring quickly!”

American Grand Prix Association (AGA) 10 time rider of the year, U.S. Olympian, World Equestrian and Pan American Games Medal Winner.



“The new Dream Boot is truly the most comfortable and durable boot I have ever owned!”

Attended 10 Olympic Games, Canada Olympian, 9 Earned Medals (including 2 individual Gold’s) in 9 Pan American Games, 10- time Canadian National Champion.



“I have 5 pairs of Der Dau boots. I wear a pair every day. They are so well made and the leather is great quality. I love the memory foam inside soles. My feet are happy all day.”

Over 80 lifetime Grand Prix Wins, American Grand Prix Rider of the Year, represented U.S. at World Cup Finals and World Equestrian Games.