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Our Founder,
Jose Der, SR.

Der Dau was established over 50 years ago in New York, by master craftsman, Jose Der. The company built its exceptional reputation by using the traditional techniques of master leather artisans and hands on customer service.  Throughout the decades, Der Dau, Inc. became a popular destination for exhibitors at the most prestigious horse shows, including The National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden. Today, the company remains family owned and is operated under the tutelage of Jose’s son, Joseph.

Der Dau remains passionately dedicated to its legacy of producing the finest riding boots. This pinnacle of quality is achieved by building each boot by expert craftsman and hand selecting only the finest quality materials.  Culminating on their rich foundation of traditional artisanship, Der Dau has incorporated sophisticated innovation to create boots that consistently meet the functional and design needs of modern equestrians.  Each Der Dau boot remains handmade in the United States and is custom built to the exact standards specified by each customer. The company’s overriding commitment for excellence has made its boots the choice for the most discriminating riders- from dedicated equestrian enthusiasts to Olympic medal winners.




To create perfectly fitted boots, we begin by accurately measuring your feet and legs.


Pattern Design

The Der Dau family’s expertise is in designing boots. Your boot pattern is made according to your exact leg/foot measurement and selected boot style. We take extra care and time during this step to make sure the pattern is accurate – insuring you a perfect fit.


Master Cutter

The Cutter selects the finest grain of leather for your boots. With experienced and crafted hands, he cuts the leather to your custom-made pattern for a fit that feels almost “second to skin”.


Master Stitcher

With a steady hand and a sharp eye, the Stitcher carefully assembles your boots with fine, straight lines.


Master Laster

Your boots are molded by hand according to the dimensions of your feet by nailing the leather to the molding. Your boots remain in this position for three days to retain the exact shape of your feet.


Master Trimmer

The soles and heels are bonded onto your boots and trimmed for an impeccable clean-cut edge.


Master Blocker

The shafts of your boots are molded to the shape of your legs by using blocks – a Der Dau skill used by past generations of boot makers. Your boots are left “blocked” for a full week to maintain the shape.